afternoon tea-home made 5 seeded bread....

March 1, 2015

This bread is rich in fibre, natural oils, & is a healthy
option full of flavour, sometimes I add some sultanas
for a fruity twist.
A slice of aged cheddar on a slice of bread toasted
makes for a healthy, filling brunch.

sponge ingredients
50g rye flour
50g toasted sesame seeds
50g toasted sunflower seeds
50g toasted pumpkin seeds
50g poppy or linseeds
50g rolled oats
180ml water
5g instant dry yeast
5g malt extract or honey

dough ingredients
300g bakers flour/bread/000
50g wholemeal flour
150ml water
10g sea salt
100g sultanas (optional)

Mix all ingredients for the sponge, cover & rest until double in size (around 1hr depending on room temperature, the warmer the room the faster the proof)

In another bowl (I use a kitchenaid mixer) mix remaining flours, water, salt, sponge, knead (add sultanas at this point), again I use the kitchenaid with dough hook & mix for 10min until smooth and elastic, firm but malleable.

Rest in an oiled bowl until double in size, around 1-2 hrs. Shape into loaves/rolls/bagettes, wash with egg wash & sprinkle with a mix of seeds and proof for 1-2hrs until double in size, bake in a preheated 220 C oven for 20 min.


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